A range of services provided by SSC

Roofing and Cladding

Standing seam
Very versatile, low maintenance, durable, secret fix, highly recommended roofing & cladding system. Fabricated in a range of metals.

Rainscreen cladding systems
Custom designed panels installed after the structure is watertight. Very popular with new-builds & in refurbishment of older and visually dated buildings. Many choices of application, materials & finishes available. Non-combustable fire integrity to meet current regulations.

Single-ply PVC membrane roof systems
Watertight rubber membrane application, sealed by heat welding or solvents. Ideal for cost effective solutions for residential & commercial roofs, overlaying an existing roof & waterproofing for green roofing.

Green roofing
Sustainable & eco-friendly surface attracting a variety of wildlife and helping with water retention. High u-value performance. Increasingly favoured with developers, architects, home owners & councils.

Composite Panels
Cost effective, quick install, all in one insulated panel. Many profiles and finishes to choose from for both roof and walls. Non-combustible options to meet current regulations. A common and popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings.

Single skin
Profiled metal sheeting. Also a common and popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings. Many choices & profiles available.

Liquid waterproofing
The process of waterproofing a roof by the application of a specialist liquid coating. It is suited to most types of roof, including flat, pitched & domed.

Roof light installation & replacement
There are many benefits of installing & replacing roof lights, natural light beaming through your building & in doing so, heating your building. It also creates very positive effects to your living/working space. Very popular in large commercial building.

Timber cladding
We can recommend a range of woods & finishes to suit your design requirements.

Is a blind or shutter with slats that are angled to admit light & air but keep out rain, direct sunshine & noise. The angled slats can be adjustable or fixed. Commonly used on plant rooms & ventilation ducts. The louvres come in a range of materials & finishes.

Metal Fabircation

Metal fabrications
Steel, Aluminium, Zinc, Copper


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The SSC team undertook our roofing works on a roof replacement for one of our projects. The ability to deliver on time & workmanship was second to none. I would highly recommend Robbie & his team for future projects.

Roger – North London[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide]

We recently contracted SSC for a roof over clad to a tired industrial unit. The team were meticulous with there detailing & very well managed from beginning to end. We will be working with SSC again in the future.

Joseph – Cambridge[/lvca_testimonial_slide][/lvca_testimonials_slider]